We are in the town centre area of Woodbridge every Friday night from 8.30pm to approx 12.30am. Its all about being a positive presence on the streets—both physically and spiritually in prayer, serving our community, reducing the fear of crime, being around to help vulnerable people, listening and talking to people—this scheme is NOT outwardly evangelical, its not about telling people about God, but if people want to talk about faith……………..

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There are 3 different ways you can join the town pastor team here in Woodbridge – by becoming a town pastor, becoming a member of the prayer base or by becoming a home prayer. As a town pastor or member of the prayer base you will be expected to do approximately one shift per month. There are sometimes options to do more when people are sick or something unexpected happens.

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“As we came out of church from our break I felt God asking me to walk a certain way so me and my partner did. After 10 minutes of walking we met a young man in tears. He was known to me. He had been thrown out of home – he is 14. God helped us to find him a fiends home to stay in for the night…. we left him as we praised Jesus”

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